“Clean Eating:  Desserts, Snacks, Smoothies and more!” will be your new go-to cookbook for healthy, clean eating recipes.



It’s not a cookbook exclusive to smoothies.  Or baking.  Or even a cookbook full of desserts.

Desserts are awesome, don’t get me wrong.

I love them so much, I devoted 3 entire chapters just to clean, healthy desserts and treats!

But unfortunately, we can’t eat desserts 24/7.

What if you want to start cleaning up your diet and eating healthier foods?

You’ll need more than a cookbook full of desserts.

Well I’ve got you covered.

And “Clean Eating: Desserts, Snacks, Smoothies and more!” is the answer you’ve been looking for.


It’s a balanced variety of clean eating recipes.


I’ve included an entire section of smoothies for quick and healthier breakfast options, many using the most common superfoods.

Need some clean eating snacks and side dishes to help when you crave traditional processed snacks?  Got it.

I’ve have easy, homemade dips and dressings to make eating salads and vegetables exciting.

Meals and dinner time couldn’t be any easier with my quick and simple recipes, many ready in under 30 minutes.

I’ve also included a BONUS chapter of staple recipes to help you make the essential homemade recipes you need to eat clean.

And, of course, my favorite part….desserts.  I have 3 chapters of “Truffles and Balls”, “Bars and Squares” and other “Desserts” that are treats that will make you “feel good about what you eat” and you can enjoy guilt-free.

The basic premise behind “clean eating” is when you eat unprocessed, real and nutrient-dense foods that nourish your body, you will stay satisfied longer and will not experience the cravings and sugar highs and lows from eating highly processed foods with empty calories.

It’s simply taking unhealthy ingredients and replacing them with healthier, whole food and unprocessed ingredients.

No boring foods.  No deprivation.  No sacrifices.