1.  What kind of ingredients are used in the recipes?

The recipes will include the same list of ingredients I use with the existing recipes on my website.

All these ingredients are regular staples in my kitchen and I didn’t buy anything special to make these recipes.

Here’s a complete list of all the ingredients in the recipes used in this eCookbook:

  • fruits: bananas (13), blackberries (2), blueberries (2), dried apricots (1), dried blueberries (2), fruit of your choice (3), green apple (1), kiwi (2), lemons (23), lime (5), mango (8), oranges (1), peaches (2), pineapple (4), pomegranate (3), raspberries (3), strawberries (5), watermelon (1)
  • vegetables: asparagus (2), avocados (5), broccolini (2), brussels sprouts (1), carrots (1), cauliflower (6), cherry tomatoes (1), corn (1), cucumbers (1), dandelion greens (1), eggplant (1), fingerling potatoes (1), habanero pepper (2), jalapeno (6), kale (6), mixed salad greens (5), mushrooms (2), onions (11), peas and carrots (1), potatoes (3), shallots (6), spaghetti squash (3), spinach (4), squash (2), sun-dried tomatoes (1), sweet potatoes (2), tomatoes (8), zucchini (10)
  • grains and legumes: brown rice (1), chickpeas (3), kidney beans (1), quinoa (1), red lentils (1)
  • seasonings: apple cider vinegar (3), ground cayenne pepper (6), ground chili powder (3), ground chipotle powder (7), ground cumin powder (4), ground garlic powder (8), Himalayan pink salt (80), nutritional yeast (14), red pepper flakes (9), ground turmeric powder (11), smoked paprika powder (1)
  • spices: ground cinnamon powder (2), ground clove (3), ground ginger powder (3), ground nutmeg (3), vanilla bean powder (34)
  • herbs: basil (2), cilantro (6), dill (2), garlic (35), green onions (3), oregeno (1), parsley (1), rosemary (3)
  • superfoods: cacao powder (45), cacao nibs (8), chia seeds (17), dried mulberries (1), golden flax seeds (1), goji berries (7), hemp seeds (20), lucuma powder (3), maca powder (17), spirulina (1), wheatgrass powder (1)
  • nuts and seeds: almonds (10), cashews (36), golden flax seeds (1), hazelnuts (6), macadamia nuts (1), pecans (12), pistachios (5), pumpkin seeds (2), sesame seeds (6), sprouting seeds (1), sunflower seeds (3), walnuts (15)
  • nut/seed butters: almond butter (13), cashew butter (10), nut/seed butter (3), peanut butter (13), tahini (5)
  • nut milks: almond milk (31)
  • sweeteners: maple syrup (46), medjool dates (45), raw coconut crystals (10), raw coconut nectar (1), unrefined granular sweetener (5)
  • baking: almond flour (22), baking powder (2), baking soda (3), coconut flakes (7), coconut flour (4), ground flax seeds (9), quick rolled oats (7)
  • fats/oils: coconut oil (69), extra-virgin olive oil (48)
  • lightly processed (organic/non-GMO/vegan/gluten-free/dairy-free): balsamic vinegar (3), brown rice cereal (4), canned coconut milk (11), chocolate chips (11), Garden of Life Raw Meal Vanilla (3), matcha green tea (2), mint extract (1), Nama Shoyu (unpasteurized soy sauce) (1), pasta (2), popcorn (1), pumpkin puree (3), tortilla chips (1), vanilla protein powder (2), vegetable broth (3), Vibrant Health Maximum Vibrance (1), Vibrant Health PureGreen Chocolate Protein Powder (1), Vibrant Health PureGreen Vanilla Protein Powder (3)



2.  What special equipment is needed to make the recipes?

The recipes will include the same time of equipment I use with the existing recipes on my website.

Here’s a complete list of all the special equipment I used to make the recipes in this eCookbook:

  • food processor: 66
  • vitamix: 31
  • electric mixer: 3
  • spiralizer: 2
  • nut milk bag: 2
  • coffee grinder: 1
  • air popper popcorn maker: 1
  • lemon zester: 1
  • ice cream maker: 1
  • ice cream molds: 1
  • chocolate molds: 1
  • silicone heart molds (optional): 1
  • mini cheesecake pan (optional): 1
  • mini dessert glasses (optional): 1
  • 9 inch springform cheesecake pan (optional): 1
  • dehydrator (optional): 1
  • Easy Sprout: 1



3.  Will these recipes fit into my current diet plan?

The recipes will be the same type you’re used to seeing on my website.

Each and every recipe will be labeled:  raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, paleo or no refined sugar.

Here’s a breakdown of how many of each category are included in this eCookbook:

  • raw: 89
  • vegan: 160
  • gluten-free: 160
  • dairy-free: 160
  • nut-free: 46
  • paleo*: 132
  • no refined sugar: 160

*I follow the Primal Palate guidelines for “paleo-friendly” ingredients.



4.  Will I get a hardcopy of the cookbook?

No.  My cookbook is an "eCookbook" or "digital cookbook" which means you will not get a hard copy, but an INSTANT download to your favorite device(s) (example:  desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, etc).  because you will receive it in an easy PDF format.  You can take it with you in the kitchen, when shopping at the grocery store, on the go, and view it without internet access because you can save it as a PDF.



5.  Are all these recipes already on your website?

Out of the 160 recipes included in my eCookbook, over 100 are brand-new, never published recipes and the remaining ones are the most popular ones from my website and reader favorites.



6.  Why is the price $9.99?

There are a total of 160 recipes in the cookbook, with 100 of them being brand-new and never seen before on my website.  So you are getting 100 new recipes, each with a beautiful color photo, for about $0.10 a piece.  I created the cookbook as a means to share healthy recipes with my readers and to provide income for my website so I can continue to provide free content to my readers. 

And, I've seen other eCookbooks on the internet with 1/3 of the content that mine contains for the same or higher price, so I feel the price of my cookbook is fair in comparison to other options that are available.

I encourage you to browse through the Gallery section of my website to get a preview of the quality and wide variety of recipes you'll get.

Creating a cookbook from scratch is hard work and very time consuming as all the recipes were created and photographed by me.  I've even had some readers comment that they wanted to buy my cookbook, regardless of the price, just to show support for me and my website...which I sincerely appreciate.



7.  What if I buy your cookbook and I don't like it?

Although I've tried very hard to make sure you will know what kind of recipes are included, the ingredients that are used and the equipment that will be needed so there will be no surprises, I want you to completely happy with your purchase.

If for any reason you are not happy with my cookbook, I will be happy to refund your purchase price with no questions you can purchase my cookbook RISK-FREE!



8.  How can I subscribe to your website?

You can subscribe to my email list and get email updates of new recipes that I post to my website that are just like the ones included in this cookbook.  Just click the link below to subscribe: